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May 15, 2012 Election results

May 15 Madison County, Idaho Election Results


United States Representative – 2nd District: Mike Simpson

Supreme Court Justice: Dan Eismann

Appellate Court Judge: David Gratton

Appellate Court Judge: John M. Melanson

State Senate: Brent Hill

State Representative A: Douglas A. Hancey Jr.

State Representative B: Dell Raybould


Region VII Chair: Marsha Bjorn

Region VII 1st Vice Chair: Richard Larsen

Region VII 2nd Vice Chair: Coleen Erickson

Region VII 3rd Vice Chair: Marc Hallacker

Region VII Secretary: Shirley Larsen


Chair: Elaine K. King

Vice Chair: Stephen McGary

Secretary: Caleb Egbert

Treasurer: Jericho Cline

State Committeeman: Ron Nate

State Committeewoman: Carma Sutherland

State Youth Committeeman: Marc Hallacker

Legislative District Chair: Stan Clark


  1. Susan Brown
  2. Dan Roberts
  3. Douglas Smith
  4. Burley Johnson
  5. Gwen Lee
  6. Jeff Carter
  7. Vanessa Baldwin
  8. Boyd L. Cardon
  9. Marsha Bjorn
  10. Jericho Cline
  11. Doug Ricks
  12. John C Faust
  13. Kara Robinson
  14. Doris E. Mendoza
  15. F. Martell Grover
  16. Tyler McNiven
  17. Michelle Parkinson
  18. Brittney King
  19. Paul Bowen

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